Automated trading -

Successful through the right inputs

This is how automated trading works.

An automated trading system is a program that allows traders to set rules for opening and closing trades. Forex traders can set precise rules for entry, exit and money management in an automated system that tells computers how to execute and monitor trades.

And that's where we come in!

Our community consists of people with diverse backgrounds, including experienced traders. They have been using software for years and pass on their knowledge and the necessary settings to the community. This way, everyone in the community benefits from a broad know-how.

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Automated trading in detail.

Whether beginners or experienced trader, anyone can use automatic systems that make real decisions for you. The best automated systems are computer programmes that analyse market activity and price charts. The software helps identify important signals, including:

  • Differences in the Spread

  • Striking price patterns

  • Relevant news

  • Currency fluctuations

Furthermore, these systems carry out activities while always trying to keep losses to a minimum.

Eine automatisierte Forex Trading Software lokalisiert zum Beispiel profitable Währungspaare, bevor diese einen Trade platziert. Wird die Software nutzerspezifisch eingestellt, kann sie dabei helfen, BUY oder SELL Alarme auszusenden, Trades automatisch durchzuführen und Transaktionen profitabel zu machen.

Users can also determine the order type (for example, market or limit order) and specify exactly when a trade is triggered (for example, to open the next bar or to close the current one). You can also use the default settings of an automated system (like our community). In this case, the settings are passed on by us weekly and you do not need to worry about alarms, signals or manual trades.

Advantages of automated trading.

1. Easy access (no experience necessary)

2. Elimination of emotions

3. Discipline

4. Consistency

5. Increased speed during entry

6. Diversification

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