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automated trading takes care of the rest.

We are a community that specialises in automated trading with trading robots. Our profits amount to 3-6% per week.

Founders and community trade the same.

Everyone in the community trades according to the same guidelines. This means that amateurs and professionals can trade together and everyone is responsible for their own profits.

A diverse community.

Our community is made up of diverse people and interests. So everyone finds just the right mix of professionalism and companionship in the community.

I have been dreaming of passive income for a long time. I came across Oserique through a professional colleague and felt at home with this Swiss company right from the start. 

Despite sometimes unpredictable events on the market, I have been able to make constant profits and thus build up another mainstay.



In my search for new sources of income, I came across the Oserique community. The experience in the community convinced me to give it a chance. Due to the profits in the first few weeks, I would never want to miss this opportunity again. Thanks to Andi and the rest of the community.


Content Creator

Since my savings in the bank account yield little to no return, I decided to invest. Through Oserique, this works maga well! This way I can put my monthly salary aside and live off the return on the investment. 

Can recommend it to anyone who wants to make more out of their money and also think about their future.



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