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It's about money and we understand that questions come up. Below are common questions that have come up again and again in our community. If you can't find the answer to a question, please contact us. We are happy to help.

Is automated trading profitable?

Automated trading does not guarantee profits, but it does ensure that we get the most out of market movements, whatever they may be.

How much profit can you make with it per week?

We expect a plus of 3-6% in an average week. Those who choose aggressive settings can also earn significantly more in a week. We deliberately do not make any profit promises like other providers in this industry. We can only say that up to now, the members of the community have made nice profits. However, past results do not guarantee future earnings.

There may also be weeks without a profit or with a loss. The total loss of your invested capital is also possible. So only use money that you can also lose in the worst case.

What costs will I have to pay?

Costs only arise if we as a community also make profits! In figures, this means that you pay 25% of your profit (not your paid-in money!) every month. So if we as a community make a loss for a time, no fees will be charged to you.
Our partner brokers do not charge any basic fees for trading. Membership in our community is free of charge.

What effort should I expect per week?

Da wir ein sogenanntes Copy Trading anbieten, kommt kein Aufwand auf dich zu. Erfahre hier mehr zu Copy Trading.

Does anyone other than me have access to my deposited money?

No! You are the only person who has access to your account and the money. We will never ask you for your account details.

Am I entering into a binding contract with someone?

No! You can stop the copy trading at any time via the on-off switch and you are out of the market (we recommend contacting us beforehand, as switching off the service closes the open positions and you could possibly incur a loss).
However, you can terminate the service and leave the community at any time without incurring any costs.

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